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How to choose a feed mixer for large-scale farming


In general, pig farms have their own feed processing machine feed mixers to produce their own compound feed. From the perspective of reducing investment, most pig farms and breeding professional households use vertical feed processing units, namely 9PS series. This type of unit is integrated with a pulverizer and a mixer, and has low power consumption. The processing technology used is generally purchased premixed. After the other raw materials are crushed by the pulverizer, the air is sent to the stirring package. The premixed material is spirally conveyed to the mixing bag through the auxiliary box, and stirred together with other raw materials to form a compound feed. There are two potential deficiencies in this form of feed processing unit:
1. The mixing uniformity is not enough. Premixed feeds require high uniformity because most of the active ingredients are trace elements - trace elements and vitamins, and some ingredients account for only one in 100,000 parts of the feed. Therefore, the uniformity coefficient of variation of the premixed feed is required to be CV ≤ 7% to avoid excessive or too little intake of trace components in the livestock. The mixing uniformity coefficient of variation of the V-type mixer is CV≤10%. When the mixed premixed feed is processed by the vertical mixer, the uniformity is reduced, and the distribution of the trace components of the processed compound feed is uneven. Not the need for livestock growth.
2. The residual amount is too large, resulting in unevenness between each batch of feed. The working principle of the vertical mixer is that the vertical spiral is rotated at a high speed to raise the material from the bottom to the top, and then gradually mixes by diffusion after the bulk board. The premixed feed is spirally conveyed to the bottom of the package through the auxiliary box to participate in the mixing. On the one hand, the high-speed rotation of the spiral makes the components with larger specific gravity such as minerals, etc., because of the large centrifugal force, throwing away from the axis and cannot participate in the mixing; On the other hand, the side gap of the spiral is large, generally 4-5 mm, and the side gap of the vertical spiral reaches 10 mm, so each batch of feed is not completely removed, and there is a large residue. Due to inaccurate operating procedures (such as premix feed rate, overall mixing time, etc.), the residual amount of each batch of feed is different, thus directly affecting the content of each component in the next batch of materials, resulting in each batch of material Unevenness. If pigs are found to lack trace elements or vitamins in the farms, the factory farming industry in China has been greatly developed in recent years. Taking pigs as an example, there are nearly 3,000 modern-scale pig farms nationwide, and the scale of farmers' professional households. It is also expanding day by day, although the conditions are not comparable to the scale of the pig farm, but it should also be regarded as the prototype of factory farming. In order to reduce costs!

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